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A pre-requisite for candidates for accreditation is the completion of a Stage One (preparatory) Course. Although the AACP determines the guidelines for the courses, and approves the provision of the training, we do not provide the courses. Once you have completed the preparatory training, you are then in a position to lodge your application for the AACP’s Stage Two Accreditation Assessment process.

All Stage One courses are approved by the AACP.

Online Courses

On-line eAccredit Stage One (Preparatory training) Course for Medication Management Reviews

This course would suit those living in a rural or remote location, those who prefer to work at home at their own pace and/or those unable to attend face to face training courses.

This online course has been designed so that you can work through a series of modules at your own pace. The modules are a combination of voice-over PowerPoint slides, interactive quizzes and case studies.

 Australian College of Pharmacy

Online Distance Learning Courses including Stage One (preparatory) courses are available through the College.

Online Training Providers