Why Accreditation helps Bring Medication Safety Home

Hi, it’s Joe here again. Thanks for coming to read the third instalment of my accreditation journey. It’s been a while since I have last updated you, but like the long wait for the next series of Game of Thrones, I hope it’s worth it.

What’s the point of HMRs?
I thought I’d take the time today to tell you a bit more about why I chose to become accredited.

As the old saying goes, your home is your castle. What goes on in John’s home when he unpacks his medicine and sees the Pharmacist has changed his brand of irbesartan for the 5th time this year? He knows his morning routine is one orange tablet, which he thinks is for the heart, and three white tablets, of which one he crushes because, his words, “it’s bloody enormous”.

I believe HMRs will give me a chance to get an invite into the castle and ensure John is using his medication as safely as possible. After all, as Pharmacists, we all want the medication we dispense to have more benefit than risk.

HMRs for me feel like the opportunity for both a clinical and personal interaction.

Some people see Pharmacists as the gatekeepers of medicine, but I don’t like this description. I prefer to think of my role in community pharmacy as a joint caretaker in the patient’s medication journey.

Are RMMRs the same as HMRs? Can I do both?

Now, I’m going to let you in to a secret. When I started this project, this process, this blog, I didn’t know much about HMRs, and I knew even less about RMMRs. Pharmacy is packed with acronyms, from AACP to Z. So, to summarise, HMRs are Home Medicines Reviews and RMMRs are Residential Medication Management Reviews. The main difference is RMMRs are for patients who are in Government funded aged care facilities.

Once you finish accreditation, you can do both HMRs and RMMRs. However, unless you work in a Pharmacy that services a nursing home, the chance of doing RMMRs is small unless you win a service contract.

For me, I’m going to focus on the home.

I’ll update you on my progress soon.

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