Managing time effectively: Full time work + study = a busy Joe

Hey, it’s Joe here again. I thought I would stop, take a minute, and tell you how it’s possible to become accredited and work at the same time. Actually, it’s pretty good just to stop for a minute.

Life is always busy, finding time to study is always hard.

I always admired anyone who had high drive and focus to get tasks done. As for me, I suffer from the chronic disease of procrastination. I’m really trying to change that. First though, I’ll make a list of current .jobs to complete:

  1. Write list about current jobs to complete
  2. Organise reference sources
  3. Make cup of tea
  4. Continue writing blog.

I set out on this accreditation journey with one goal – to become accredited.

So far, I am enjoying the accreditation process. If it was easy, there would be no value in it. When I get home from a day on my feet in community pharmacy, I am exhausted. It’s really hard to find extra motivation to make dinner, let alone do accreditation work and study.

I have found that setting small, achievable goals is the best way to go. There really is not any rush on this journey. There are timeframes, sure, but it is not like being back at university.

Do what you can, when you can.

Doing a little bit of study is better than doing no study at all. Remember, becoming accredited earns you a whopping number of CPD points so it’s all beneficial. I try and think of study similar to exercise – just thirty minutes a day, 5 days of the week and you’ll be seeing improvements in no time.

The key is routine – and hard work is rewarding when assignments are completed.

As the fitness gurus say – no pain, no gain!

In the next post, I’ll introduce you to the two stages of the accreditation journey.

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