Good things come in Pairs – the Two stages of the Accreditation Process

Hi, Joe here again. I promised you I would provide more detail about the two stages of accreditation to become a consultant Pharmacist. So, without further ado;

Stage One – Warming up

The stage one phase is all about getting prepared for accreditation. The funny thing about stage one is that you get a choice of provider, and making a decision between the four can be a tricky. I won’t tell you which one to pick, but be aware you may get significant discounts if you are a member of a professional Pharmacy organisation. You’ll also get between 14 and 26 CPD credits depending on which course you choose, which is a significant chunk of your yearly requirement! Most courses can be completed entirely online which is great if you live outside of a capital city like me.

Stage Two – The real test

Finished stage one? Well done! I’m afraid to say things are only going to become tougher. The good news is with stage two accreditation there are only two providers, the AACP and SHPA. Individuals should have a look at what the respective programs offer and choose whichever they feel is more appropriate for them. With AACP you have three years to lodge an application for stage two after you’ve completed the first stage.

Stage two is the real test to see whether you’ve got what it takes to become an accredited Pharmacist.

Be prepared that for most people, myself included, stage two takes up a lot of time. If you’re anything like me, you’ll try and do some study after work but you’ll end up doing most of the process if you get some quiet time on the weekend.

In the next blog post, I’ll discuss how you can ensure you’re ready to start the accreditation process yourself. For now, you can visit the AACP website to learn more about the two stages and the costs involved at

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