Are you ready for accreditation?

Hi, its Joe here again. I’m currently nearing two thirds of the way through my accreditation process. Are you thinking of starting?

Try out the Accreditation Readiness Tool

Becoming accredited is a lot of work, and the process has a fairly high drop out rate, according to AACP CEO, Grant Martin. Many people drop out because they quite simply can’t find the time, or need to brush up on their clinical knowledge.

When my first case study, that I had spent hours and hours perfecting, was considered ‘not yet competent’, I was pretty close to considering dropping out too!

Fortunately, the AACP have formulated a readiness tool, which can be used for you to gauge how demanding the accreditation process may be for you. It’s available at It takes about 10 minutes to complete, which is a lot less than the 100+ hours that you’ll need to find to become successfully accredited.

Why do you want to become accredited?

There are many reasons for deciding to become accredited. Maybe it’s to increase your professional satisfaction, or for a bit of extra money on the side. For me, it’s about increasing my competence and adding variety to my role as a community Pharmacist. Think about your reasons for undergoing accreditation before you start and write them down. That way, you can reflect on it and keep that motivation going through the accreditation period.

If it wasn’t difficult, it wouldn’t be worth doing!

In the next journal, I’ll run you through some of the challenges that I’ve found during the accreditation process, and how you can learn from my mistakes!

Photo credit: Joe Foster