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The Pharmacy Guild of Australia Directors
  • Joe O’Malley, AACP Chair (2016-2018)
  • Toni Riley
  • Paul Sinclair
  • Marc Apolloni
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Directors
  • Grant Kardachi, Immediate Past Chair (2014-2016)
  • Sue Edwards
  • Dr Shane Jackson
  • Dr Chris Freeman
Company Secretary and Chief Executive Officer
  • Grant Martin

Joseph O'MalleyChair (2016-2018)

Joseph O’Malley, Tas (Guild)
Joe graduated from the University of Tasmania in 1999. After spending several years as a clinical pharmacist in the Victorian hospital system, he moved to Shepparton in regional Victoria. Together with his wife, they spent eight years managing and owning a large, shopping centre pharmacy before relocating to Ulverstone, in Northern Tasmania.

Joe is the Vice President of the Pharmacy Guild, Tasmanian Branch. He chairs the Developing Young Leaders Committee and is a member of the Information, Communication and Technology Committee. He is the current Co-Chair of CPRIA, The Guild’s Community Pharmacists’ for Rural and Indigenous Australia Advisory Group. He also represents Rural Pharmacists’ Australia at The National Rural Health Alliance, the peak national body for rural and remote health.

Joe has been an Accredited Pharmacist since 2005 and has done almost one-thousand Home Medicines Reviews in that time. He is passionate supporter of rural health, in order to ensure that geography does not adversely affect patient outcomes.

Grant Kardachi, South AustraliaImmediate Past Chair (2014-2016)

Grant Kardachi, SA (PSA)
Grant has served as a Director on the AACP Board since 2005. He is the current National President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. He was a community pharmacist owner for many years but sold his business interests several years ago. He is still accredited to undertake medication reviews and regularly conducts RMMR’s in regional South Australia.

Grant has always been heavily involved in the HMR program and made a significant contribution in the original implementation of this program.

As a community pharmacy owner, he always had a passion for professional services and practice change. He views practice change as an important foundation to integrate new initiatives into a pharmacy model that is sustainable and viable in the future.

Grant has always had a strong connection with the Aged Care sector and serviced a number of Aged Care facilities as a pharmacy owner. He has been a long serving member of the board of Southern Cross Care, a significant Aged Care provider in South Australia.

Toni Riley, Victoria

Toni Riley, Vic (Guild)
Toni has worked in various roles in community pharmacy for more 30 years, mainly in rural and regional areas of Queensland and Victoria and has been an accredited pharmacist since 1999, with a particular interest in the provision of medication review services to rural areas. Toni served as a Director on the AACP Board from 2006 to 2011, and as Chair in 2007 and was been a member of the Guild’s Community Pharmacy Agreement negotiation team for several years.

She is now the project manager of The National Return and Disposal of Unwanted Medicines Project and is keen to ensure that all accredited pharmacists have access to returning any unwanted medicines following an HMR, with the re-launch of the HMR bag and development of a protocol for the use of these HMR bags.

Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair, NSW (Guild)
Paul is a practising Community Pharmacist with over 30 years experience, having owned pharmacies in South West Sydney, the Southern Highlands and the Central Coast of NSW. Paul is Vice President of the NSW Branch of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and a National Councillor of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

Paul is Chairperson of the Quality and Standards Committee (QAS) of the Guild and a member of the Pharmacy Guild Health Economics Committee. He was Chairperson of the 4th Agreement Professional Programs and Services Advisory Committee (PPSAC) which oversaw the expenditure of $568M for professional services in that agreement, and is currently a member of the 5th Agreement Management Committee. Paul is an Accredited Pharmacist, and is a strong advocate of Professional Service delivery via the Community Pharmacy Agreement and has been a board member of AACP since 2007.

Marc Apolloni, SA (Guild)
Marc has a Bachelor of Pharmacy and a graduate Diploma in Community Practice Pharmacy from the University of South Australia. He has worked extensively in community pharmacy since graduating in 1991, and has owned the Woodside Pharmacy since 1999.

Marc has been a branch committee member of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (South Australia branch) since 2014 and is particularly interested in expanding the primary healthcare role of community pharmacy through the provision of professional services.

Accredited in 2006, Marc is currently undertaking study in Diabetes Education and Management at Flinders University, South Australia.

Marc is also participating in the 6CPA Pharmacy Trial Program Trance 2 Medication Reconciliation Proposal as a panellist, which entails community pharmacist-led medication reconciliation to inform the My Health Record, by collaboration of hospitals, GPs and other healthcare professionals. The proposed trial also has a focus on promoting and enhancing connectivity with the intent that it will ultimately deliver more integrated primary health care services, particularly between community pharmacy and General Practice.

Sue Edwards, South Australia

Sue Edwards, SA (PSA)
Accredited since 1998, Sue has worked in a wide range of pharmacy practice settings and professional capacities which have included research, teaching and service delivery in the hospital, primary care and residential aged care settings, and editorial work for the Australian Medicines Handbook. Sue currently provides RMMR and HMR services and is a key senior member of the DATIS team and is a member of the southern clinical council for the Adelaide Primary Health Network.

Sue has been involved with AACP since 1993 in a variety of roles including mentoring, assessing case studies and being a member of the NAG (2004 – 2009). In 2012 Sue was awarded the AACP Consultant Pharmacist of the Year. Sue is the president of the PSA SA/NT Branch committee and is Chair of the PSA Accredited pharmacist special interest group (APSIG).

Dr Shane Jackson, Tas (PSA)
Shane Jackson has a broad background as a pharmacist. Shane is a practicing community pharmacist, and owner of two rural community pharmacies in Tasmania. He also works as a Consultant Pharmacist within the home and aged care settings and is actively involved in delivering professional development programs to nurses in aged care.

He is a member of the Policy and Advocacy Committee of the PSA, Chair of the Pharmacy Practitioner Development Committee, and is Deputy Chair of the APC’s Advanced Practice Credentialing Committee.  He is a ministerial appointment to the Pharmacy Trials Program, Trials Advisory Group. He has been credentialed as one of the first Advanced Practice Pharmacists in Australia. He is a Clinical Reference Lead with the Australian Digital Health Agency and is on the Clinical Advisory Council of Primary Health Tasmania.

He is an experienced educator who has been delivering presentations on multiple topics such as anticoagulation, therapeutics, and professional pharmacy practice programs for a number of years.

Chris Freeman

Dr Chris Freeman, Qld (PSA)
Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from James Cook University and has gone onto complete a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy and a PhD from the University of Queensland. Chris’ major research theme is on developing the evidence to support future roles for pharmacists in the healthcare setting. He is particularly interested in further developing the evidence for the pharmacist working in a collaborative model in the Australian primary care setting.

Amongst other roles Dr Freeman presently works as a Consultant Practice Pharmacist at Camp Hill Healthcare, as a Clinical Lecturer in QUM at the University of Queensland, is a Visiting Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology, and is a National Director of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy.