Manya Angley

2021 AACP MIMS Consultant Pharmacist Award Winner

Dr Manya Angley was named as winner of the 2021 AACP MIMS Consultant Pharmacist of the Year Award at ConPharm 2021.

Dr Angley was presented with her award by Robert Best, CEO of MIMS Australia.

She has been accredited with the AACP since 2010 and runs her own consultancy, Manya Angley Research and Consulting (MARAC).

Dr Angley has made an outstanding contribution to the practice of consultant pharmacy and is a strong advocate for the role of accredited pharmacists in the promotion of the quality use of medicines and positive health outcomes for all.

Dr Angley is passionate about ensuring people with intellectual and developmental disability receive the best health care available. In September 2020 she provided testimony to the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with a Disability where she spoke of issues with inappropriate use of medicines and how accredited pharmacists can contribute their skills and knowledge to interdisciplinary teams for people with disability.

Dr Angley received a medallion, certificate, and a travel grant to the value of $5,000 to attend a pharmacy conference of relevance to the practice of consultant pharmacy.