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AACP MIMS Consultant Pharmacist Award

This annual award recognises and celebrates the outstanding contribution by an AACP accredited pharmacist who is making a difference to patient’s lives through the practice of consultant pharmacy. The award comprises a unique medallion and a $5,000 travel grant to attend a pharmacy conference of relevance to the practice of consultant pharmacy.

Previous winners of this award:

2017 Natalie Soulsby (SA)
2016 Jenny Gowan (VIC)
2015 Joy Gailer (SA) and Dr Shane Jackson (TAS)
2014 Chris Freeman (QLD)
2013 Deidre Criddle (WA)
2012 Sue Edwards (SA)
2011 Paul Hannan (NSW)
2010 Penny Kraemer (NSW) and Peter Tenni (TAS)
2009 Jeff Hughes (WA)
2008 Debbie Rigby (QLD)

AACP MIMS Consultant Pharmacist Award 2018

The aim of this annual award is to recognise the outstanding contribution by an accredited pharmacist to the practice of consultant pharmacy.

Since the introduction of specialised remuneration services into Australian Pharmacy Practice with medication reviews in nursing homes in 1997 and extending to those residing in the community in 2001, the practice of consultant pharmacy has grown. This award aims to recognise those pharmacists who have adopted and implemented these services to provide an outstanding service to patients in their community, whether in their homes or in aged care facilities

All AACP accredited pharmacists are encouraged to reflect on the work of their friends and colleagues working as consultant pharmacists and to consider nominating them for this prestigious award.

Do you know an ‘unsung hero’ working in this area of pharmacy practice? There are many accredited pharmacists currently practicing in rural and remote locations who achieve exceptional success in their day to day activities. Likewise, many city-dwellers have been the welcome recipients of home medicines reviews which have made a real difference to the way they manage their medicines.

If you know a deserving AACP-accredited pharmacist, forward your nomination.  There are many accredited pharmacists whose dedicated work contributes to improved health outcomes for their patients and fosters outstanding collaboration and communication with all health professionals

Many accredited pharmacists are deserving of this award and the recognition that it brings.  It provides them with the opportunity to travel to attend a conference or seminar of their choice which has relevance to their practice.

Selection Panel

Nominations for the award will be judged against the selection criteria by a panel which includes the current AACP board chair, AACP CEO and 2017 award winner, accredited pharmacist Natalie Soulsby.

The award will be presented during the AACP’s ConPharm ’18 Seminar to be held at the Sofitel Central Brisbane Hotel from 15 to 17 June 2018.

Nominations close on Monday 14 May 2018.

For further information, contact the AACP at, telephone 02 6120 2800 or fax 02 6162 2084.

Selection Criteria

  1. Must be an AACP accredited pharmacist
  2. Continuing excellence in the practice of consultant pharmacy
  3. Dedication to enhancing the reputation of the profession of pharmacy
  4. Development and implementation of innovative professional services
  5. Demonstration of a strong commitment to the advancement of patient care and improved health outcomes in the provision of professional services
  6. An outstanding and ongoing commitment to the development of consultant pharmacy

How to nominate for the award

Nominations for the AACP MIMS Consultant Pharmacist Award should be sent to the AACP by post PO Box 288, FYSHWICK, ACT 2609, fax 02 6162 2084 or email using the attached template.

The document should address the selection criteria.

Applications should be no more than 500 words and the separate CV of the nominee should be no longer than 2 pages.