AACP MIMS Consultant Pharmacist Award

This annual award, first presented in 2008, continues to recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution by an AACP accredited pharmacist who is making a difference to patient’s lives through the practice of consultant pharmacy.

The AACP Board encourages accredited pharmacists to nominate one of their peers who is working in this area, giving special consideration to their commitment to:

  • Development and implementation of innovative practice
  • Provision of exemplary service to patients and fellow health professionals
  • Achievement of improved health outcomes for their patients

The award comprises a unique medallion and a $5,000 travel grant to attend a pharmacy conference of relevance to the practice of consultant pharmacy.

Robyn Saunders


Melbourne-based accredited pharmacist Robyn Saunders was named as winner of the 2022 AACP MIMS Consultant Pharmacist of the Year Award at ConPharm 2022 at the Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast last weekend.

Robyn was presented with her award by Robert Best, CEO of MIMS Australia and AACP Board Chair George Tambassis.

She has been accredited with the AACP since 1997 and has provided a highly valuable and sustained contribution to consultant pharmacy, with a strong commitment to excellence in the practice of medication management reviews.

Her early post-graduation years were spent establishing a clinical hospital pharmacy service at a large Melbourne University-associated teaching hospital. During this time, she gained essential experience in clinical decision making and followed this up with further study required to become accredited with the AACP.

Robyn was one of the first pharmacists to specialise in geriatric therapeutics and one of the early practitioners working in GP practice.

She is known by hundreds of accredited pharmacists for her close attention to detail and rigorous evidence-based approach to medication management.

Her dedication and commitment to appropriate management of medicines in aged care led her to develop innovative tools to ensure QUM. She has developed a most sophisticated benchmarking analytical tool QUMulus® to enable review and analysis of medicines use in aged care. This resource is now available Australia wide to assist accredited pharmacists in their data collection and the interpretation of results.

Robyn is a worthy winner of this award which recognises an outstanding contribution by an accredited pharmacist to the practice of consultant pharmacy.

It includes a medallion, a certificate, and a travel grant to the value of $5,000 to attend a pharmacy conference of relevance to the practice of consultant pharmacy.

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