AACP MIMS Consultant Pharmacist Award

This annual award recognises and celebrates the outstanding contribution by an AACP accredited pharmacist who is making a difference to patient’s lives through the practice of consultant pharmacy. The award comprises a unique medallion and a $5,000 travel grant to attend a pharmacy conference of relevance to the practice of consultant pharmacy.

Andrew Stafford


Dr Andrew Stafford was named as winner of the 2018 AACP MIMS Consultant Pharmacist of the Year Award at ConPharm 2018 in Brisbane.

Andrew has been accredited with the AACP since 2005 and is currently a Director with Dementia Training Australia and Consultant Pharmacy Services.

Andrew has made a valuable and sustained contribution to consultant pharmacy, with a commitment to excellence in the practice of RMMRs. He is a well-respected researcher, author and educator who contributes to advancing knowledge in consultant pharmacy practice through conference presentations and journal publications.

He is a passionate advocate of the value of medication reviews and the importance of QUM in aged care. Andrew works closely with other health professionals and is an outstanding role model and mentor for established and developing practitioners.

“I’m truly honoured that my work has been recognised with this award and am enormously grateful to my family and colleagues who have supported and mentored me throughout my career.” Andrew said. “I hope that my efforts in training new consultant pharmacists will help them to better fulfil their current role and prepare them for new opportunities that will present.”

The award recognises an outstanding contribution by an accredited pharmacist to the practice of consultant pharmacy and includes a medallion, a certificate, and a travel grant to the value of $5,000 to attend a pharmacy conference of relevance to the practice of consultant pharmacy.

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