National Advisory Group

Dr Stephen Carter (NSW)

Immediate Past Chair (2018-2020)

Stephen is a community and accredited pharmacist, researcher and academic. Stephen is a member of and past President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) NSW Branch committee. He has been accredited to perform medication review since program inception and represented PSA on the National Advisory Group for the AACP for five years. Stephen is a full-time lecturer in pharmacy practice at the University of Sydney. Prior to this he was a lecturer at the University of Canberra.

Stephen’s research is centred on consumers’ experiences with medicines and how their thoughts feelings and behaviour can be modified to ensure the quality use of medicines. He has recently been investigating the role of medication management apps on adherence improvement. His research interests also aims to ensure that society makes the most use of pharmacists’ expertise in medication management services and how best to educate pharmacists to achieve this. He has recently published a text-book chapter dealing with the unique and expanding role of pharmacists, including medication management reviews, in the Australian Health System.  

Stephen’s advocacy on behalf of the profession is notable, and recent highlights include ministerial meetings in regards to expanded roles for medication management pharmacies after hospital discharge and the role-out of the electronic recording of controlled drugs. Stephen aims to advocate on behalf of accredited pharmacists to ensure that the health system makes the best possible use of our unique skillset – as medication management experts.

Julianna Neill (QLD)

Experienced, Practising Community Pharmacist

Julianna graduated from Otago University, New Zealand in 1995 before moving to Australia in 1997. Juliana has been a community pharmacy owner for the past 14 years, and owns three pharmacies on the Sunshine Coast. She has been involved in a number of community pharmacy pilot projects (DMAS and PAMS), and has implemented several in-store programs including blood pressure monitoring, weight loss, diabetes monitoring, Dose Administration Aid, MedsChecks, Staged Supply, Clinical Interventions, and the SMS script reminder service. Julianna is also a member of a number of advisory groups, and over the past five years has organised educational sessions for pharmacists and intern pharmacists, focussing on effective communication with GP and other allied health stakeholders.

Lily Chong (NSW)

Experienced, Practising Accredited Pharmacist

Lily graduated from the Victorian College of Pharmacy in 1982 and has worked in clinical roles in community, public and private hospital pharmacies, management roles in the medical device industry and in health informatics. Lily also delivers AACP Stage 1 and other advanced training to local and international pharmacists for the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and has been involved with AACP since 2003 as a mentor and case study assessor. Lily has been accredited since 1998 and currently conducts HMR and RMMR services; and works as a project pharmacist at the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Ben Wilkins (NSW)

Experienced, Practising Accredited Pharmacist

Ben has been registered pharmacist for 20 years and has experience in business management and ownership, clinical pharmacy services (accredited pharmacist since 1997) and is a member-elected Director at Hunter Primary Care.   As an accredited pharmacist, Ben’s roles have included mentoring, case studies and articles as well as Project Officer for the Pharmacy Guild MMR projects with ~ 100 GPs in the ACT in the pioneering days of Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) and professional pharmacist services.   Ben has served on the PSA (NSW Branch) and the HIC’s e-PBS Committee and he received the National Medal of Excellence for Pharmacy Practice in 2003. Ben continues to perform HMRs on a weekly basis as well as working in a dispensing capacity in Newcastle.

Dr Andrew Stafford (WA)

Pharmacy Practice Academic

Andrew is a pharmacist with experience in academia and aged care, and maintains an active clinical consultancy business providing medication reviews and staff training for a number of residential aged care facilities in Western Australia. He is also a Director of Dementia Training Australia, WA Centre for Health & Aging, University of Western Australia, a government-funded research unit that aims to develop the skills of health professionals to provide better care for people living with dementia. His primary research interest involves developing and promoting high quality, patient-focussed medication management solutions that ultimately improve the quality of his patients’ lives.

Mark Naunton (ACT)

Pharmacy Practice Academic

Associate Professor Mark Naunton is Head of Pharmacy at the University of Canberra. Mark’s career in pharmacy working as an academic, a locum, managing and consultant pharmacy in Tasmania, Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory.   Mark has international research experience and was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. His ’s areas of research/clinical interests are broad and include clinical pharmacy, aged care, medication adherence, infectious disease, quality use of medicines, travel medicine, pharmacoeconomics, and pharmacy education. He also has a specific clinical and research interest in indigenous child health Australian indigenous children. He is currently a Chief Investigator on an NHMRC-funded trial investigating the use of nitazoxanide in the treatment of acute diarrhea in Aboriginal children.   Accredited since 2004, Mark has held several medication review contracts with Aged Care Facilities in the NT and ACT.

Trish Russell (ACT)

PSA Representative

Trish Russell is a Canberra based pharmacist. During her career she has been an owner/manager and an employee in community pharmacy. She has worked in hospitals in England and Australia. In the early years of the Charles Sturt University Pharmacy Course she was on the advisory committee and lectured in the Pharmacy Practice course. She completed her Fellowship with the Australian College of Pharmacy Practice in 1992 and her accreditation with AACP in 2005. Currently Trish works two days a week in a community pharmacy, two days for Pharmaceutical Society of Australia in a role that includes policy work and support for the APSIG group, and does Home Medicines reviews in her spare time.