AACP announces Board Changes

SA accredited pharmacist Marc Apolloni has announced that he is stepping down as Chair of the Board of the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy (AACP). He has also resigned as a Director, effective 1 October 2021.

Mr Apolloni stated that he was “very proud of the Board’s achievements during his 14-month tenure as Chair, considering the extraordinary stress on the organisation and the accredited pharmacist sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

He added that he was “particularly impressed by the courage of the Board and the expertise of AACP staff in delivering ConPharm 2021 as a face-to-face education activity in Adelaide this year. The joy and enthusiasm shown by delegates and presenters embodied all that is great about our profession”.

“My most memorable and rewarding experience whilst on the Board and as Chair was to meet and interact with so many passionate accredited pharmacist colleagues. It was a privilege to serve as AACP Chair.”

During his time as Chair, Mr Apolloni has seen the number of AACP accredited pharmacists grow to its highest number in its history and a record percentage increase in the number of pharmacists undertaking the accreditation assessment process.

Also stepping down from the AACP Board is long serving Director, Victorian accredited pharmacist Toni Riley. Mr Apolloni added “I would also like to acknowledge Toni’s effort and hard work. She will be missed as a valued Director given her years of experience in the sector.”

Ms Riley commented that she has been “delighted to meet and chat with many accredited pharmacists at conferences and CPD events. Overall, I am impressed by your dedication and passion for the patients you see in your day-to-day work and the way that you promote the quality use of medicines.

The 7CPA medication management programs, provided by accredited pharmacists, have an important ongoing role in contributing to improved health outcomes for those in the community and in aged care. I hope that they continue in the future!”

Both Mr Apolloni and Ms Riley extended their sincere thanks for the support they have enjoyed from the other AACP Directors and from the hard-working AACP staff.

The AACP welcomes as a new Director, former Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGA) President, George Tambassis, who will also become the new Board Chair on 1 October 2021.

The AACP’s Chief Executive Officer, Grant Martin said that Mr Tambassis will bring experience to the Board as it addresses the challenges and opportunities facing accredited pharmacists.

“Mr Tambassis has 35 years’ experience as a community pharmacist on top of which he has held a range of national and international Board positions,” Mr Martin said.

“As National President of the Pharmacy Guild he led the negotiations for the successful implementation of two Community Pharmacy Agreements.

“In addition to his senior role at the Guild, Mr Tambassis has been Global President of the World Pharmacy Council and has served as a member of the TGA Medicines Shortages Working Group.”

“His clinical knowledge, combined with his experience across the whole pharmacy sector sees him extremely well placed to lead AACP during a period of evolution and change in the pharmacy sector.”

Continuing Directors are Katie Hayes and Joe O’Malley from the PGA and Shane Jackson, Grant Kardachi, Stephen Carter, and Sue Edwards representing the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA)

“I am confident that the Board under Mr Tambassis will continue with its role in the governance, management and strategic direction of the AACP and support the valuable work of accredited pharmacists conducting medication reviews,” Mr Martin said.

Mr Martin expressed his thanks to Mr Apolloni for his dedication to the AACP during his time as a Director and especially during his time as Chair, for ably leading the Board during the recent stressful years of the pandemic.

“I would like to also thank our retiring Board Director, Toni Riley, who has served on the Board representing the PGA on two occasions from 2006 to 2011 and then again from 2014 until 2021.

“Ms Riley has given outstanding service to the board and her commitment over this time has been exemplary,” he added.

September 30, 2021